Thank You for this Opportunity!

Hello there!

The end of May marked the end of my ten month apprenticeship with FOCUS.
It also marked the beginning of some new directions in my life!

We finished our apprentice classes with a class on the book Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, taught by Brad Davis. 
We explored topics such as Christian integrity, ethics, and false spiritual leadership. We wrapped up by having dinner and sharing projects that communicated the Gospel message in different formats.

We also had breakfast with Ronnie, as we thanked him for being a mentor and source of wisdom in ministry. 

The apprenticeship provided so many sources of wisdom and guidance to me. I'm so thankful for the time and effort invested by the class teachers and staff this year.

I'm also super thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to spend time with and study scripture with guys like Andrew, who consistently taught me about Jesus in a different light than I was used to.

Getting to befriend and lead this group of guys this year was certainly a highlight. 
Thank you for your perseverance, laughs, and friendship. 

We celebrated the end of the school year with a formal, where we honored our leaders and enjoyed food and music together.

The Preston Ridge community helped me feel right at home. They are a crazy, energetic bunch. I'm excited to see what God continues to do in Frisco and on that campus!

Collin FOCUS staff 2018-2019. Couldn't have asked for better coworkers and friends this year! Thank you, Garrett, Cody, Pedro, Dani, Sloan, and Sam, for modelling excellent teamwork, friendship, servitude, and humility to me.

I'm so excited for Jacy to join this team this upcoming school year!

Some of the apprentices and I served students in their first week of summer by hosting a Bible Boot Camp at the church. We read through the Old Testament and discussed our findings, much like the apprentices ourselves had done before the year started!

The faithful bunch that came and stuck through the week.

I think most of you knew already, but Jacy and I (finally) got married on May 25th!

Here's a candid picture of the wedding party relaxing before the ceremony. 

Jacy and I met most of them through ministry. I'm thankful for the support they provided and how they consistently pointed us to God throughout our engagement.

An iPhone quality pic of high quality people (my family)!
I'm thankful for our families and friends. They helped us celebrate and host the people in our lives at the beginning of our marriage.

We finished the last day of the apprenticeship by being treated to amazing food by some of our staff and church community. Thank you FOCUS staff for this opportunity, and for your guidance.

Jacy and I on our honeymoon, admiring some redwoods North of San Francisco!
Jacy will be doing the apprenticeship with FOCUS at Collin this upcoming school year.
I'm excited for her to be blessed by this opportunity that I got to experience.

A random picture of the people I got to serve with this year.

The apprenticeship may be over, but I'm not done with ministry. 
This experience helped me remember the Lord and all He's done for me, and what He's doing in the lives of other people. 

I'm excited to continue to serve in the young adults ministry at Wylie Northeast. Hopefully I can continue to apply and put into practice everything I've learned from the apprenticeship.

Prayer Requests

  • For Sam, Sloan, and I, as we leave the Collin staff team and continue to serve in the workplace. Sam and I are in the process of job searching and interviews, so keep us in your prayers!
  • For the upcoming group of apprentices, including Jacy, who will be preparing to serve at Collin and other campuses.
  • For students over the summer, as it can be difficult for some to be away from consistent community. Some of them may be in homes that are difficult for them to go back to. That God will put people in their lives that will love them well.
  • Anxiety, depression, mental illness. For the peace of God and healing, whatever that looks like for each individual.
  • Marriages, engagement, dating relationships, etc. That people will seek God and people for guidance and wisdom in an age where these things lead to hurt and confusion for many.

Thank you for being here, whether physically, through prayers, texts, emails, and reading my blog.

I couldn't have done it without the good God that I've gotten to grow closer to as a result of people like you who have invested in me.

Please, please, feel free to continue to reach out to me at
I've recently moved too, so feel free to ask for my address or phone number if you don't have it.

Again, thank you so much for this opportunity!

Alex Garcia


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