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Fall is Here!

The second month of the apprenticeship quickly flew by. September came and went in the blink of an eye, but it was exciting being on the campuses for the first full month with students!

We started our weekly outreach/evangelism events at the campuses. We typically do something different each week to engage and get students to think about different topics that are relevant to them.

We asked students to respond to questions such as “What is a favorite memory from this semester?” and “What memories influenced your view of God or faith?” They then wrote them on note cards to share and discuss.

I started two weekly one-on-one studies with guys in my core (small group). The study is called “Focus on Jesus” or FOJ. FOJ allows us to get to know another person and Jesus, explore scripture, ask each other questions, all while doing life together! Super excited to get to know these guys better and learn something from them as well.

An FOJ book, complete with Chick-fil-A cup.
The fall season bega…