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Springtime is Here!

One of Miriam-Webster's definitions of Spring is "a time or season of growth or development."
The Spring season started this past month, and it was another reminder that God continues to grow and develop his people into what He intended; people who love and serve Him and one another, everywhere they go.

Most of the core that Collin and I have the opportunity of leading this year.  Super proud of these guys for taking the time to meet up, share their lives, and be willing to stretch and grow their relationship with Christ!

Sam and I building the display boards for SSI week!  SSI stands for Student Spring Impact, a week where students from a partner ministry in Washington state come down every year to help us serve and reach out to students on campus.

Day 1 of SSI at the Spring Creek campus. We had such an incredible turnout of students from our ministry come to engage the campus in talking about the nature of God and Jesus!

Day 2, this time at Preston Ridge!

Our SSI crew…