Relational Ministry

Campus ministry is a heavily relational vocation and lifestyle. For this month's update, I primarily wanted to highlight some people I spend a lot of time with during this apprenticeship. Their friendships and willingness to pour into me in different ways has shaped me so much over the past few months!

A picture from our yearly leadership conference, featuring the FOCUS ministries and our parent churches from Garland, Wylie, Denton, and Arlington! This year we discussed using scripture and the stories in it to minister to people. 
So many people at this conference impacted others who poured into me, and thus indirectly influenced who I am. It was amazing to look around and think about how God has used all of these relationships to impact so many lives both in and outside of that room. 

Cody, my pastoral supervisor. He's also become one of my best friends this year. I love meeting with him every Friday morning and talking about our lives, one on one ministry, and sitting on trees together. His down-to-earth and relatable personality helped me open up more to people since I first met him four years ago.

Pedro and I getting groceries after forgetting to grab a grocery cart. Pedro is my roommate, fellow Collin FOCUS staff member, and one of my best friends. He is such a spur and uplifting presence in my life. Pedro's servant heart and willingness to know and befriend all kinds of people has reshaped so much of how I approach friendship. He studied the Bible with me as a freshman at UNT, so it's been a treat doing ministry with his this year. I’m excited for him to be my best man in my wedding in May!

Jacy is my fiancĂ©e and one of my best friends. She's been such a huge support in the entire process of this apprenticeship, pointing me to Jesus when I'm being irrational or subjective. Her friendship has taught me so much about patience and grace for the people I meet with.
In case you were wondering, we dressed up as Wall-E and Eve for Halloween!

Ronnie Worsham, the senior pastor at Northeast Church in Garland and the instructor for the Ministry Essentials class for the apprentices. It's a real treat to get to spend four hours a week with him as he shares decades of wisdom and experience with the apprentices.

Sam, my co-apprentice at the Collin campuses this year! We both graduated from UNT and were assigned to the Collin ministries. She’s become an encouraging friend this year as we both work through the challenges of being new to full-time ministry and working on apprenticeship assignments. 

Garrett and I riding electric scooters together in Downtown Plano. Garrett is the director of the Collin FOCUS ministry. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet up with him and observe how he leads others to Jesus through his challenging questions and rebukes, as well as his thought-provoking sermons.

Collin is my cofa (co facilitator) in our core/small group. Collin is a sophomore at Preston Ridge and has such a loving heart for the people at Preston Ridge and in his life. I’ve enjoyed getting to befriend him as he models much about humility to me in the ways that he serves the guys in our core.

Reed, one of the guys in Collin and I's core. Reed and I meet consistently and tend to see the strangest things happen outside through the window at Chick-fil-A. Reed has become a good friend of mine this year and a good example to the guys in our core!

William, one of the guys I've been meeting with one on one and have recently started studying scripture with. His desire to better know Christ and engage with the community has been such an encouragement!

Just some of the students in our ministry at Spring Creek hanging out (you can see William on the far left). You'll consistently find some of our students engaging with their campus and inviting people to sit with them!

We were at the Spring Creek campus on Halloween, so our outreach booth asked the question: "What do you fear?" That question gave us some opportunities to speak into different worries and concerns that students have. Many feared being alone, failing to succeed in different areas, and losing people close to them. Please be asking God to work in these areas of worry for our students!

Prayer Requests
  • Rest and healthy study habits for our students and staff as we continue through the middle of the semester!
  • That our students will engage more with scripture, and that they'll come to better know God through it.
  • Safe travels and healthy mindsets as the holiday season approaches. Many people stress and worry about finances and relationships that are tested around the holidays.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers! Through your support, I've gotten to learn and give so much into these relationships and so many other people. Please let me know how I can be praying for you! 

Your friend,
Alex Garcia

This month's FOCUS testimony, this time from UNT FOCUS alum Kurt Doty!


  1. I'm very encouraged watching these relationships and so many more unfold. I think your friendships with different types and ages of people from your own are a sweet reminder of God's inclusivity - from working through anyone to simply desiring a relationship with all of us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love getting to read your blogs once a month, Bro. Seeing how God is working in and around your life is amazing to watch. Also, it's wonderful to see all of the relationships He's working in. Always praying for you!

  3. Hey Alex, thanks for sharing! All of those people you wrote about seem to be very special. I love to see the growth that God can work through our intentional friendships with one another, and the healing that He can provide there. Keep extending that same offer of friendship to the people you meet at Collin!


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