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Thank You for this Opportunity!

Hello there!

The end of May marked the end of my ten month apprenticeship with FOCUS.
It also marked the beginning of some new directions in my life!

We finished our apprentice classes with a class on the book Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis, taught by Brad Davis.  We explored topics such as Christian integrity, ethics, and false spiritual leadership. We wrapped up by having dinner and sharing projects that communicated the Gospel message in different formats.

We also had breakfast with Ronnie, as we thanked him for being a mentor and source of wisdom in ministry. 
The apprenticeship provided so many sources of wisdom and guidance to me. I'm so thankful for the time and effort invested by the class teachers and staff this year.

I'm also super thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to spend time with and study scripture with guys like Andrew, who consistently taught me about Jesus in a different light than I was used to.

Getting to befriend and lead this group of guys this…