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Finishing Well

And just like that, nine out of the ten-months of the apprenticeship are over! Crazy.

We started April by hosting Spring Showcase, a fundraiser for our students going to SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry), a two-week leadership conference in Bellingham, Washington.

Our community really embraces the value of joining God in "building from the ground up" by training and equipping students to be leaders on campus and disciples of Jesus.
This is evident in the support that people gave these SICM students!

Stuffed animals, potted plants, coffee beans, and art were just a few of the items people donated to raise funds for students going to SICM!

More art!

A snapshot of one of the many talented acts that performed at showcase.

Hector, from my core, sharing why we should give and invest in God's kingdom. Where would community be without mission?

Just some of our Collin students at an after event at my house. Where would mission be without community?

Cody, Pedro and I.  …