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Week One

Hello there!
First of all, thank you so much for investing in me through your finances, prayers, encouragements, relationships, or by reading these updates. I’m so excited to share these exciting next few months in ministry I’ll be doing with college students!

This 10 month apprenticeship is with FOCUS, the ministry that I joined early on as a freshman at the University of North Texas. Through FOCUS, God shaped me into someone who really wants to learn more about people and minister to college students in particular, who are in such a critical defining period of their lives.
I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be involved in the lives of these students in whatever capacity that I am this year. I'm one of two apprentices to be at the Collin campuses, and one of twelve overall this year.

11 of the 12 apprentices at our apprenticeship orientation!
Leaving Denton was hard. It was the town I lived in for four years, where I found friends, community, a deeper relationship wi…