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Christmas Break Update

Hello! I hope that you've been well over the holidays!
The college campuses are on break, and the FOCUS staff were also on break for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year holidays. However, this doesn't mean that we went MIA.

Before the Christmas break, we hosted a Collin FOCUS Christmas party. Each core (small group) also had the opportunity to build a Christmas blanket fort and participate in a fort contest. 

Some of the guys from Collin and I's core as we show off the comfy fort we made together. It had a twin mattress and some lights on the inside. 

The 2018-2019 Collin FOCUS staff!  These guys have been such a loving and supportive group of co-workers and friends.

The 2018-2019 FOCUS apprentices!  These guys are such a joy to learn and grow with. It's hard to believe that I didn't really know 75% of them when we started this adventure less than a year ago. We've grown to become some of each other's biggest fans!

The apprentices were prompted to s…